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My name is Lucyna Sodol and I am a licensed cosmetologist. I graduated from Cosmetology at Medical University of Łódź, Poland.
I founded BeautyNova in 1998. We are based in Lódź, Poland- about one hundred kilometers from Warsaw.
   We are a leading distributor of a wide selection of beauty products, equipment and furnishings.
Our main office, which is located in the strict city centre of Lodz, consists of a store where we stock the industry favourite brands, a workshop room where we organise professional trainings for beauticians, and a beauty salon where we offer diverse beauty and manicure and pedicure treatments. We operate as a true partner to the professional offering the best products, service, selection and highest quality in beauty industry.
   With our comprehensive range of cosmetology supplies, almost twenty years of experience supplying beauty salons as well as sourcing and consulting innovative beauty, spa, nails and body products, we are a one stop wholesaler for all the beauty salon needs.

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